Complete PSE Reporting

Helpful Resources:

Instructions for Adding Partnerships (ST7) & Multi-Sector Partnerships/ Coalitions (ST8) (links to PDF in new window or right click to download)
Site PSE Reporting Instruction Guide (links to PDF in new window or right click to download)
“Tips to Enhance Your PSE Reporting” Webinar (opens new link)
PSE Report Checklist (Click to download a Word document)

All PSE reporting will be done in the M2HL Update Portal* and includes:

  • Reporting on Partnerships and Multi-sector Partnerships/Coalitions (ST7 and ST8)
  • Site PSE Reporting, including the following:
    • Need and Readiness (ST5)
    • Change Progress and Adoption (MT5/MT6)
    • Effectiveness and Maintenance of Change (LT5/LT6)
      *Some organizations will be reporting maintained changes outside of the Update Portal. More information coming soon.
    • Champions (ST6)

Review the instructions in the links above prior to beginning data entry. We recommend that you complete the partnerships and multi-sector partnerships/coalitions reporting before site PSE reporting.

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