Nondiscrimination and Credit Statements

Nondiscrimination Statement

All materials developed, adapted, or printed with SNAP-Ed funds that are shared in public [e.g., print (e.g., brochures, newsletters, education curricula, etc.) and non-print (e.g., videos, websites, etc.) forms of communication] must include, in a reasonably-sized font, the shortened USDA nondiscrimination statement:

This institution is an equal opportunity provider

Failing to use the USDA Nondiscrimination Statement could result in items not being eligible for reimbursement.

The full nondiscrimination statement is rarely, if ever, required for SNAP-Ed. It is only necessary to include the full nondiscrimination statement if SNAP or other FNS program eligibility or application information is provided.

Download the full USDA nondiscrimination statement

Word format (Word document)

PDF format (links to PDF in new window or right click to download)

When in doubt about proper usage of the nondiscrimination statement, contact your MFF SNAP-Ed Project Manager for guidance.

Credit Statement

When produced or reproduced using SNAP-Ed funds, all literature, materials, and audiovisuals distributed to program participants and all media communications (including media releases, interviews, electronic media, etc.) must include the following credit statement:

This project was funded in whole or in part by the USDA’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education through the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and the Michigan Fitness Foundation.

Civil Rights Requirements

All “front-line” staff are required to complete the annual Civil Rights Training.

*Additional information on the nondiscrimination statement, credit statement, and civil rights requirements may be found in the Programming and Operations Manuals.

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