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These recorded trainings offer efficiencies of staff time and travel and provide 24/7 viewing options to offer flexibility in meeting the varied schedules of SNAP-Ed implementers. It also allows viewers to watch them multiple times, pausing for note-taking or practice.

A variety of trainings are offered in the recorded format. Review the categories below to view available trainings offered to support your SNAP-Ed programs.

Tips to Enhance your PSE Reporting

This webinar provides tips for using the Map to Healthy Living update portal to support quarterly PSE reporting. Viewing this webinar is required for program staff responsible for PSE reporting. To download a copy of these slides, please click here.

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SNAP-Ed 101

This training provides an overview of the building blocks of SNAP-Ed programming, guidance, and program monitoring.

SNAP-Ed 101 is required for organizations new to SNAP-Ed and new Program or Finance Leads. Please follow the link below to complete the training confirmation form, as needed.

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Map to Healthy Living Update Portal

This online training will provide instructions for using the new Map to Healthy Living (M2HL) Update Portal. The full training is available for viewing as well as chapters focusing on registration, editing agency information, adding/modifying/removing program locations, editing agency locations, and accessing help/support information.

Topic Tastings

Topic Tastings are short (less than 15 minute) trainings on a variety of topics, including evaluation, needs assessment, fidelity, and PSE work.

Tips and tricks for implementing evidence-based interventions as intended to increase the likelihood of achieving the expected outcomes.

Tips for how your needs assessment can inform program development and design to ensure programming will meet community needs.

Tips for reporting on policy, systems, and environmental changes – MT5 (nutrition supports) and MT6 (physical activity supports) – to ensure your hard work is represented in your program evaluation.

Highlighting new practices in FY 2020 to ensure accurate and comprehensive statewide evaluation.

Find out what’s new with process evaluation for FY 2020.

Information on how younger audiences are included in program evaluation methods.

Learn about health related quality of life and how change is measured in SNAP-Ed.

Michigan Fitness Foundation SNAP-Ed trainings welcome participants from MFF Partners, projects, and others who work in SNAP-Ed. If you require a reasonable accommodation to participate in training (in-person, online, etc.), please contact us at (517) 347-7891 or training@michiganfitness.org.