Recorded Trainings

For your convenience, MFF provides recorded trainings with an overview of the building blocks of SNAP-Ed programming, guidance, and management. Review the categories below for available trainings that support your SNAP-Ed programming and to see who is required to complete these trainings. 

If you need assistance accessing the trainings hosted on Connect Space, please contact your MFF Program Manager. 

Tips to Enhance your PSE Reporting

This webinar provides tips for using the Map to Healthy Living update portal to support quarterly PSE reporting. To download a copy of these slides, please click here.

Subrecipient Grantee: SNAP-Ed 101

Required for organizations new to SNAP-Ed, new to being a subrecipient grantee, or have new Program or Finance Leads in FY 2024. Other SNAP-Ed staff who are interested in a refresher are also welcome to review the recordings.

The training is presented in two parts:

    • Part 1 provides an overview of SNAP-Ed, SNAP-Ed in Michigan, and SNAP-Ed programming and operations guidance, including key program parameters.
    • Part 2 outlines key required start-up and reporting activities.

Subrecipient Program and Finance Leads who are required to complete SNAP-Ed 101 must view both Part 1 and Part 2, as well as submit a confirmation of completion form for each in order to fulfill their requirement. Confirmation forms may be accessed on the FY24 Programming and Operations page in Connect Space.

Community Impact Projects: Regional Start-Up Meeting

The Community Impact Project Regional Start-Up Meeting is required for Program Leads with a required Contract Management section for Finance Leads. Regional Start-Up Meetings were held in person in September and October. If you attended the in-person training, you have met this requirement.

This training has been recorded to support staff who were not able to attend the regional start-up meeting. The training is presented in five parts.

SNAP-Ed CIP Program Leads, PSE Leads, and Finance Leads who are required to complete the start-up topics must view all five parts and submit a confirmation of completion form in order to fulfill this requirement. Confirmation forms can be found on Connect Space.

Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2020-2025 Update Discussion Session

This session provided a brief overview of the DGA Guidelines, a fun and interactive discussion about how the DGAs impact SNAP-Ed work, a tour of new resources, and opportunities of Q&A.


Click to download the 2020-2025 Important DGA Updates for SNAP-Ed Programs infographic

Map to Healthy Living Update Portal

This online training will provide instructions for using the new Map to Healthy Living (M2HL) Update Portal. The full training is available for viewing as well as chapters focusing on registration, editing agency information, adding/modifying/removing program locations, editing agency locations, and accessing help/support information.

Scantron® Survey Instructions

This online training will walk you through the process of generating barcode labels for your surveys, labelling and handling surveys, as well as packaging and shipping your surveys back to MFF.

Michigan Fitness Foundation SNAP-Ed trainings welcome participants from MFF Partners, projects, and others who work in SNAP-Ed. If you require a reasonable accommodation to participate in training (in-person, online, etc.), please contact us at (517) 347-7891 or

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