Book Lists

The Michigan Fitness Foundation has reviewed primarily children’s books and created a SNAP-Ed Book List (links to PDF in new window or right click to download) (updated 1/26/17) to make it easy for MFF SNAP-Ed Partners to find books for their programs that are pre-approved for SNAP-Ed allowability. The books are divided into two categories for use in SNAP-Ed programming.

  1. Fully Approved. These books are highlighted in green on the book list and meet SNAP-Ed behavioral objectives or can be used very easily to reinforce a lesson meeting one of the SNAP-Ed behavioral objectives.
  2. Pre-approved Reader Notes Needed. These books are highlighted in yellow on the book list. The books needing Pre-approved Reader Notes may be used in Michigan SNAP-Ed programming only when they are used with supporting talking points that help the reader connect the book with a SNAP-Ed behavioral objective. These talking points (reader notes) must be pre-approved by your MFF SNAP-Ed Project Manager. The Pre-approved Reader Notes can include written connections between the book and your SNAP-Ed intervention, tip sheets developed for the book, etc. The Pre-approved Reader Notes must accompany your invoice when books are submitted for reimbursement.

As we venture into partnerships with libraries, we have received a lot of requests of book reviews. Policies and procedures are being revised to accommodate programming at these new sites. In the interim, talk with your project manager.

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