Nutrition Education Reinforcement Items (NERI) are take-home items for participants that reinforce your SNAP-Ed programming. They include a variety of items promoting fruit and vegetable consumption and physical activity. (See the order form to view the items.) NERI include SNAP-Ed core messages and are a no-cost resource available to MFF SNAP-Ed Partners. To place your order, go to the Order page, select your items and checkout. Please allow three weeks for processing and delivery. If you would like assistance determining the NERI best suited to your SNAP-Ed objectives, please contact your project manager.

Using NERI in Your SNAP-Ed Programming:

  • NERI must reinforce one of your SNAP-Ed objectives and align with specific lessons within an intervention.
  • NERI should not be distributed at every lesson. Pick one or possibly two NERI that are well-aligned with your lessons and distribute them at different times throughout your programming cycle.
  • NERI must be given to all participants and cannot be used as rewards or incentives for only some participants.

Additional information about NERI is provided in the Programming and Operations Manual.

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