RETURNING Community Impact Project FAQs

Information Session 5/3

When you say “community member” could that include a program participant?

Yes, absolutely.

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Is the Attestation Letter the only document we need to submit? Do we need to complete a “Letter of Qualification”?

The Attestation Letter is the only document you need to submit for returning organizations. That is due May 8, by 4:30 p.m.

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Will a template for preparing for the conversation be provided in advance?

An overview guide will be shared and include the conversation prompts and considerations for preparing.

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If our SNAP-Ed team changes after we submit the Attestation Letter, can we make updates?

Yes. If you need to update the contacts listed in the Attestation Letter, send an email to, so we can update our records.

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When we will be notified if our organization is being awarded?

Community Impact Projects are not a federal award. Planning for the next fiscal year will begin in earnest. CIPs will move through the program design process before building out a budget and then a services agreement will be put into place.

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When can we expect the talking points info for our June conversation?

Shortly after all Attestation Letters are submitted (May 8) you will receive an email that will include a scheduling link for the conversation and a conversation overview guide.

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When does the program year begin?

We follow the federal fiscal year. Fiscal year 2024 starts October 1, 2023.

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Are we keeping the same Project Managers for FY24?

We try to minimize disruptions and maintain continuity with Program Managers. However, we cannot guarantee no changes.

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Is there a cap on the budget?

There is no specific cap. The key to the community impact projects is designing a “right sized” program that fits community needs and to build the budget for that.

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6:00 p.m. on May 4, 2023


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