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General Questions

As a Community Impact Project (CIP), will indirect costs still be covered by the grant? 

An organization funded as a CIP can include indirect costs in the program budget as long as the appropriate documentation (e.g., approved indirect cost rate agreement, de minimis certification, etc.) is provided.

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When will we be notified if our organization is being awarded? 

Community Impact Projects are not a federal award. Planning for the next fiscal year will begin in earnest. CIPs will move through the program design process before building out a budget and then a services agreement will be put into place.  

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When does the program year begin? 

We follow the federal fiscal year. Fiscal year 2025 starts October 1, 2024. 

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Is there a cap on the budget?

There is no specific cap. The key to the community impact projects is designing a “right sized” program that fits community needs and to build the budget for that.  

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Is there a list of organizations who are currently funded by Michigan Fitness Foundation? 

Yes, there are two ways to access this information.  

The Map to Healthy Living,, which you can filter down to the site level for where programming is taking place.  

Current Partners list,, includes the organizations delivering SNAP-Ed in Fiscal Year (FY) 2024.  

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Will applicants only be selected to become a Community Impact Project Contractor if the applicant organization serves one or more of the highest need counties identified on the RFA Website and RFA Process Overview File?  

The provided summary of priority geographies and audiences based on the most recent statewide SNAP-Ed needs assessment shows where there may be gaps in SNAP-Ed programming in high need areas; however, it is not a requirement to serve these priority areas or audiences to be eligible to receive funding through the Request for Applications (RFA). 

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