Subrecipient Compliance Monitoring Survey

Subrecipient Compliance Monitoring Survey

Compliance Framework Tool - Subrecipient

Compliance Framework Tool - Subrecipients

Purpose: As introduced during the recent SNAP-Ed U training, MFF will be working with each Subrecipient to develop a compliance monitoring plan for the coming program year. As a first step, each Subrecipient is requested to respond to the questions on the next page regarding their organization.

Action Requested: Please provide the name of your organization, the name of the representative providing the response, and a response to each question on the next page. If there is a concern that the response requires further explanation, please use the comment area below each response. Please submit the completed questionnaire within ten (10) business days.

Next Steps: MFF will share the compliance monitoring plan for FY 2022 with the Subrecipient including how the results from the compliance framework tool guided the plan.

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