Evaluation – Community Impact Projects

Each Community Impact Project organization is assigned an MFF Project Manager that will oversee and support their evaluation. Each program has a comprehensive evaluation plan that includes SMART Objectives, process and outcome measures with participants, and program tracking for fidelity. The evaluation plan addresses both local program considerations and aligns with statewide measures for behavioral and policy, systems, and environmental (PSE) change outcomes.

MFF Evaluation Team will:

  • Online and Scantron® versions of surveys along with associated survey protocols, barcoding instructions, and an online educator log
  • Streamline the PSE reporting process through the Partner Update Portal that includes planning, implementing, and long-term follow up stages of change
  • Coordinate survey scanning services, data analysis, and reporting of evaluation results

MFF Project Managers will oversee and support their Community Impact Project Organizations to:

  • Implement a customized evaluation plan, including:
    • SMART Objectives
    • Customized locally-relevant evaluation as appropriate
    • Direct Education (DE) statewide process and outcome evaluation
  • Track on-hand quantity of Scantrons® and submit order form as needed
  • Collect data in accordance with evaluation plans
  • Ensure program fidelity through review of educator logs
  • Submit PSE reporting through Partner Update Portal at least quarterly
  • If using Scantrons®, submit data for scanning using cover sheets and barcodes
  • Incorporate evaluation results into reporting and the cycle of program improvement


Direct Education Evaluation Continuum (links to new window) ⁠– The Continuum displays the appropriate survey delivery method (Scantron® or online) for each type of DE delivery method (in-person through virtual continuum).

DE Statewide Evaluation Decision Tree Template (links to new window) ⁠– Subrecipient organizations will receive a customized version of this template including online survey links specific to each of their DE intervention(s).

Educator Log Instructions and Outline (links to new window) ⁠– Educators should fill out an online log within one week of the end of each DE series.

Fidelity Checklist (links to new window)⁠ – Supervisors of educators can use this checklist when reviewing educator logs to help ensure program fidelity.

Survey Protocols – Scantron® and Online  ⁠– Each survey has a corresponding protocol document that should be followed to ensure data collection is done with fidelity. PDFs of online surveys are also linked to on this page. Educators may find them useful when providing instructions to participants.

Scantron® Order Form (links to new window) ⁠– Track your on-hand survey inventory and order more surveys as appropriate, given your DE Statewide Evaluation Decision Tree and Project Summary. Orders should be placed 6 weeks in advance of planned use.

Scantron® Preparation and Checklist  (links to new window) ⁠– This page has everything you need to prepare your Scantrons®, including barcoding instructions.

Evaluation Plan Training FY 2022  (links to new window)

Data Collection Training FY 2022  (links to new window)

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