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The Exemplary Physical Education Curriculum (EPEC) provides educators with evidence-based tools to help make every child a physically-educated child. For SNAP-Ed programs, the Michigan Fitness Foundation (MFF) offers Nutrition-Enhanced EPEC so physical educators and others involved with your SNAP-Ed program have the tools and resources they need to implement nutrition education in the gymnasium. The Nutrition-Enhanced EPEC training, which is a 3.5 hour training, is suitable for teachers new to EPEC and those wanting a refresher. MFF covers the cost of the EPEC training for SNAP-Ed participants and registration is required. Substitute teacher pay and mileage may be reimbursed if approved in your organization’s SNAP-Ed budget. If you are interested in attending an EPEC training, please contact us at epec-coach@michiganfitness.org (email link).

View the EPEC training agenda (links to PDF in new window or right click to download)

If EPEC Curriculum is needed, it can be ordered at michiganfitness.org/program-materials (links to new window). Curriculum should be ordered at least seven (7) working days before a training as it is distributed at the training. Non-SNAP-Ed participants should contact us at epec-coach@michiganfitness.org (email link) or (517) 347-7891 with any questions before ordering.

Learning Objectives

After attending this training, participants will be able to:

  • Describe key features of the EPEC K–5 curriculum (objective selection, curricular minute matrix, curricular scope and sequence).
  • List the components of the EPEC curricula and instructional materials.
  • State the importance of the EPEC Teaching/Learning Progressions.
  • List the instructional components of EPEC Instructional Segments.
  • State key features of EPEC Reinforcing Activities.
  • Increase knowledge related to the new MyPlate.
  • Use an EPEC Assessment Rubric to score student performance.
  • Compile EPEC Instructional Segments into lessons.
  • Understand how and agree to keeping time records for SNAP-Ed match.

Michigan Fitness Foundation SNAP-Ed trainings welcome participants from MFF Partners, projects, and others who work in SNAP-Ed. If you require a reasonable accommodation to participate in training (in-person, online, etc.), please contact us at (517) 347-7891 or training@michiganfitness.org.